Sometimes life, as smooth as the tarmac of a German autobahn, gives out unpredictable turns and meetings that radically change your lines in the palm of your hand.

Sheremetyevo. Tacos:

Back in 2003, my good friends: Regina and Marina, asked me to give the lift from the airport to their friend DJ from Mexico, who arrives in Russia to look around, and what the hell, you never know, to open in Moscow another club called “Zeppelin”.

I was “on wheels” at that time (I mean, I had a car. And not what you thought about.) Well, “Led Zeppelin” was one of my favorite groups that we tunes in between the radio jammers in the broadcasts of “The Voice of America” and “The BBC”. And of course, I quickly agreed.

The 2003 “Sharik” (slang name of Sheremetevo airport) was very different from what we see now. It was the only terminal, a hole in the Iron Curtain, from which “officials” and exiles of the Motherland flew into the free world. It was Winter.

A man smiling all over his face with a portlet and a suitcase in his hands made his way through the gray liquid of acid Moscow snow between stalls with shawarma and eggplant “sixes” (old fashioned Zhiguli car, 1960 model of Italian Fiat, made in Russia) taxis with checkers on the roof and tinting on the windows. “Tacos,” he pointed to a shawarma stall.

Regina. Bolshoi ballet in Guadalajara:

We met back in 1998. I worked as a dresser in the ballet theater of Maris Liepa. In the Summer, we went with the Bolshoi troupe on a tour to Mexico. But, as usual, in the 90s: something went wrong. It had been sorted out by Cesar. He bought out the whole tour of the troupe and arranged for us several concerts in Guadalajara and in Mexico.

Those times he was just starting his career in show business, which later turned into a giant corporation for organizing entertainment events: “Zeppelin”, well known now in Mexico and the USA.

Always on the positive mood, always with a smile and energy,
he easily attracted people. Since then, we went to Mexico several times, and he went to Moscow. Once he even DJed at my birthday in Moscow. Well do you understand? This is when you have in charge of music the first Latin American DJ from “American DJ Hall of Fame”.

Childhood Friends. Guillermo:

Yes Yes. The same Guillermo. Which is Del Torro. “I would have slept with him,” said my girlfriend, looking at his filmography. You can know him from the “triple” Oscar-nominated film: The Shape of Water. “The Hobbit”, “Pacific Rim”, “El laberinto del fauno”. The nominee of ten Oscars at the moment, those times Guillermo was just starting his career. He grew up, learned and spent all his childhood and youth in the same place as CaesarGuadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Cesar and Guillermo are friends since their childhood.

Mi casa es tu casa. Cesar:

For many years, starting in the late 70s and early 80s, I am always telling: I chose my business thanks to the Del Toro family. The family lent me their house to host my first party. It determined my fate as a promoter and organizer. That was in 1978 in Ciudad del Sol.

Our families are having friendship up to this day. I was pleased that he invited me to his “En casa con mis monstruos” that he held last week: “Come get some fun.” It’s great to hear stories about each of the exhibits from the lips of a collector. These are the things that inspired him to create his films and their heroes.

“En casa con mis monstruos”

The party was held recently, on July 12, in the waiting room of MUSEO DE LAS ARTES del UNIVERSIDAD DE GUADALAJARA, where the collection of the famous film director is exhibited.

Guillermo invited an old friend, Cesar, to arrange musical accompaniment for this event. “The idea of the track, compiled “ad hoc” from the melodies of Guillermo films, was to “warm up” the audience in El Cubo, a room at the entrance of the exhibition of monsters from the Guillermo collection. To create a mysterious atmosphere at the right moment.” – says Cesar.

The night sun of Krasnoyarsk. Russia:

Krasnoyarsk festival of Asia-Pacific countries gathered creative teams from all over the world. Creative groups from Japan, India, China, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia … from 27 countries.

How had the famous DJ from Mexico been carried up here? It turned out that Cesar was known even in the Russian Far East as the Ambassador DJ of the Japanese company Pioneer and received an invitation from the mayor of Krasnoyarsk.

“The sun surprised me the most at 12 o’clock in the night, when I got off the plane’s ramp,” says Cesar,
“It only start becoming darker after two o’clock in the morning. This event, the number of friends from different countries that I made there, this variety of World music feeds me in my work so far. I have got the multicultural tracks, my special eclectic style, thanks to a reach variety of the music from the different countries and hrom my friends. Of course, they will read your interview in Russian) ”

Zeppelin, 30 years: “Houston, the flight is normal!”

The story with the radio began on the day of the death of Michael Jackson. Since I am a music lover and music connoisseur, a famous producer invited me to the “Porque no vienes” show to talk about Michael Jackson. On this day my “media career” began) He was extremely surprised that I spoke spontaneously, without a piece of paper, without a script. Everything went out of my head. He said, “Why don’t you work on the radio? You know so much.”

More than 10 years have passed since then, and now I am everywhere: on the radio, on television, on the Internet. Only in vimeo you can watch more than 800 records. You can find my TV shows on YouTube. Radio programs and tracks can be found on SoundCloud and MixCloud.

Throw a house out the window: Concepts and Concerts:

Organizing events in Latin America is truly a bonanza. There is an expression in Spanish: “Tirar la casa por la ventana”. Not that Mexicans like to throw things out the windows, but to give the last penny to a great party is national. Cesar has been doing this since 1978.

On his menu: Fiesta de Espuma – “Foam Party”. This is when you have fun knee-deep (well, or … you understand) in the foam. Also, Fiesta al Reverse – when ladies behave like gentlemen, “girls dance boys.” Very funny. Halloween – as usual – fears and horrors.

And a special dish from Cesar – Mundo Maíz labyrinths in a corn field. Watch the video here. Accompanied by Blue Grass music. This is when you enter the maze accompanied by horrors and music, special effects and various scarecrows.

Sir Elton John and other celebrities:

“Well, it’s my job,” says Cesar, “you know, first-level celebrity weddings, parties, concerts.” Word of mouth works in both Mexico and the States, so I ended up on his concert at the Omni stadium in Guadalajara. Elton John invited me. I still keep a letter of thanks from him as an important element in my career.

The chain reaction:

Jalisco is a state where many celebrities celebrate their weddings, birthdays. When they like your work, then one celebrity recommends you to another. It is like a chain reaction.

Next stops: Armani, Don King, Oprah Winfrey, then everywhere:

“My career began in Guadalajara.” – says Cesar, “Over the next 30-plus years, I have staged shows in Japan, the USA, Brazil, Spain, the Czech Republic, Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, China, Italy, Sweden and many other countries.

And I always worked there as a DJ and absorbed the local culture.

Had the honor of sharing the DJ booth with celebrities such as DJ Steve Aoki. Axwell, Avicci, John Digweed, Seven Vath, Claude Challe, Thievery Corporation, Stephanie Pompougnac, Donna D’Cruz, Hardwell, Mark Ronson, Sak Noel, John Rozz from Rio de Janeiro at the national stadium Chengdu in China.”

Over his thirty-six-year career, he has managed to make dance such the celebrities as Giorgio Armani, Lisa Marie Presley, Quincy Gones, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Seal, Heidi Klum, Barbara Streisand, Oprah Winfrey, Eva Longoria, Colin Cowie, Dan Aykrod Man , Nonito Donaire, Don King, Marco Antonio Barrera, Shinsuke Nakamura, Lorena Ochoa. DJ at the Latin Grammys Awards and at the Pan American Games, at the stadiums Omnilife, Jalisco, Estadio de 3 Marzo, Auditorio Telmex, Teatro Diana, Calle 2 and many others.

His rhythms and obsession with music allowed him to take part as a DJ at the concerts of Sir Elton John, the Rolling Stones, Gloria Gaynor, Tavarez, KC and Sunshine Band, Natalie Cole, The Tramps, Technotronics, Visin and Jandel, Pit Bull, Scorpions, Sammy Hagar, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, El Tri, Juanes, Luis Miguel, Vicente & Alexandro Fernandez, Juan Luis Guerra, Noelia & Gloria Trevi and other world famous stars.

How to a Latino DJ to manage to get into “THE AMERICAN DJ HALL OF FAME”:

“It’s also an interesting story,” says Cesar, “ For about 30 years I participated in seminars and conferences of the American DJ Association. I participated in Big Beat magazine and expositions in Atlantic City, in New Jersey and in Las Vegas. At first, I was just a “listener.” Once a conversation turned to Latin music. Then I felt at ease and set out my vision. In 2006 I was invited to make a conference on this topic.

This conference opened eyes on the importance of Latin music for the North American market. It was the time of Ricky Martin, Macarena. A new era came, the era of Latin American music.

There was another subtlety to which I drew the attention of American DJs: in my Mexico events I often used white themes. White color is solemn.

Associated with a wedding. White is the leading color in wedding accessories. I showed videos and photos at the conference. This was a shock for the present DJs, accustomed to the black style. Moreover, in order to switch to white, their budgets had to grow by 30 percent.

However, they had been “seduced” by my advice. And did not regret about it. As their profit and the number of orders has grown. And the next year, equipment manufacturers also began to produce their own “white line”. Thus, the “white line” appeared among DJs and producers. The president of the association introduced me to these people: “Listen, all these people have earned this year, thanks to your advice.” So I became a “guru” among North American DJs.

I was invited by John Ross. Invitations to conferences followed to explane my ideas. Well, and I became a VIP person in the community, because they listened to me, implemented my ideas and experience. And at one point, I was “ranked” as a member of “The American DJ Hall of Fame”. I pioneered this road for Latin American DJs)

My family is my fortress:

Cesar: The families are traditionally large in Mexico. My family is large as well: I have six brothers. I made the first party at the age of 14 for my sister, who turned 13 years old. A large family is the God’s blessing for DJ: birthdays, graduations, weddings, holidays … Mexicans always find a reason to get together as a family.

I am married, I have four children. I have two daughters, and from one of them I already have two granddaughters. And soon we will celebrate the birth of the third one. So I’m already thrice grandfather.)

I owe my love of music to my family. My family has always listened to the music. I remember in childhood, when we went to the beach, the music of the thirties always sounded. Glen Miller, Cha-cha-cha, Mambo, Bolero. So since childhood, music has been playing in my head. A variety of family tastes left its mark on my “eclectic” style of disc jockey. All music genres are involved in my tracks. It serves me a wonderful service on my World Tours.

For example, in Tokyo, where I was invited by the emperor, there were Mexican Boleros, Samba from Rio De Janeiro, Bossa Nova, American jazz. It has made me popular in all countries.

For example, in China, where I had been  invited by the promoter of Marco Antonio Barrera, triple World champion in professional boxing, at Chen Du stadium the rhythms of all countries and peoples sounded.

For all this, I thank my “musical” parents. All this became possible due to the rich “musical accompaniment” of my childhood and youth.

A modest birthday with 6000 invited:

What impressions do I get from my family? You will not get bored with us:

My major daughter is Joy, now she is the mother of three children. On one of her birthdays, when she was 15 years old, she said: “Dad, I want a great holiday.” We have chosen a place and theme, as is customary in Mexico. The topic was: “Africa.” African scenery, clothing. However, the number of invitees exceeded six thousand people. It was something extraordinary, you can watch it on YouTube.

And it is curious that the time has passed. My daughter Cecilia announced to me: “Dad, I want a little holiday. Only 300 people. I don’t want as many people as Joy’s birthday.”

Time has passed. My youngest daughter, Alexandra, turned 15: “Dad, I want a birthday only for children, for my friends. Without adults. Only 300 children.”

Each child has his own requests) At this “Small Children’s Party” there were four lorries with hot dogs, four barrels of refreshing drinks, a huge dance floor of fifty meters. We paid sweets and treats six months after the end of the party. You can see it here on Vimeo.

In Mexico, families give all their best on their holidays. Compared to North America, they plan their parties a year in advance. “Giant” party in the North American sense – 200 people. Three hours of fun. And that’s it! Hasta la vista everybody!

Mexicans planning a couple of months ahead, get into debt, get out of their way to get a giant and expensive holiday. Invite a maximum of friends. Buy the best clothes for the holiday. Choose the best DJs and the best music. These are the people of the moment. Parties begin at two in the afternoon and end at two in the morning. This is a “Let’s Party” country.


© Photography: DJ Cesar Cosio

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Mexico as a "Let's Party" country
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