The idea of getting up early came to me after I had read about the great ones who have achieved a lot in life.

Early waking up is a fundamental principle of, for example, Tim Cook, Richard Branson and other businessmen.

There are two types of “me”:

  • I am a night owl, who goes to bed at two at night, gets up at eight in the morning. Runs to work like Forrest Gump.
  • I am a “lark” who goes to bed at 11 PM, as tired, and gets up at seven or eight in the morning to prepare somehow for the day.

But this time I decided to take control. And that’s what came of it:

Remembering the success of the last challenge, in which I published daily records with the condition: for each missed day had 1000 rubles to the one who first noticed the absence, I came to the conclusion that life can be managed. You only need to put yourself in conditions that force you to do it.

Wake up early
Wake up early

The important thing here is that you should want to do it, not do what you’ve been forced to do.

This time the condition was as follows: on weekdays and Sundays I have to get up before 7:00 Moscow time during the whole month. For every missed day I have to give my girlfriend 25$ for those things that I would not agree to buy with her. By the way, last Sunday I gave a well-deserved 25$. Hurt. But do you feel the point?

To motivate, the restriction must always work not in your favor.

How to get up at five in the morning and not die.
How to get up at five in the morning and not die.

It is important to find the purpose of morning wakefulness. It makes no sense to change the mode to watch the TV series in the morning for which I have no free time during the weekdays. Although if it’s… No, to hell with this type of the goal!

Before the challenge, I analyzed why I couldn’t get up early:

  • Evening of the day: tomorrow I will get up before everyone else and tear this world apart! I put the alarm to 6:00 and go to bed with a feeling of incredible pride. You put the phone next to you (usually on the floor).
Wake up early
Wake up early
  • Next morning: calm music on the iPhone alarm calls for getting up. The brain shouts: “My friend, it’s only six in the morning, you went to bed late yesterday, slept some miserable five or six hours. Imagine how you will be dragged to sleep all day long, let’s sleep better, it is more important to sleep enough. ” Damn it, I agreed with him, turned off the alarm and poured my seven or eight hours. Sounds familiar?

Solution: put the phone at such a distance so that you can get up and walk a little. This option will encourage you to think about the situation differently. It is unlikely that you will go to sleep, when you have already done so much: went out of your comfort zone to achieve the goal.

The First Week

Denote the first week wake up time: 6:30. On the first Monday I got up comfortably. 20 minutes for washing, breakfast, and here I am for a laptop. I turn on the video course, write a plan for the day for which there was so little time. Magically, the small hand of the clock went up to eight in the morning, I had to give up and go to work. It did not suit me. Something had time to do, but there was no focus. I understood: it is necessary to do it gradually, as I burn out and score.

Wake up early
Wake up early

If you compare the rise on Monday and Friday: these are completely different days. On Monday, you feel a surge of strength, ready to roll everything in its path. On Friday it is completely wrong. You were beaten like a week, and then released by the end of the week. So I feel on Friday the first half hour after waking up due to lack of sleep.

I finished the week by adjusting the challenge. “Every week I get up half an hour earlier, to rise by five in the morning by the fourth week”

Insights of the week

  • It is necessary to get up earlier, as it is not enough time to sit down to do things normally.
  • The body reacts strongly to lack of sleep.
  • I must go to bed early to sleep for at least seven hours

The Second Week

The second week began more difficult. 6:00, like nothing terrible in the numbers there, but … The body still could not get used. The jokes of friends about the circles under the eyes did not give rest, but I was delayed. Really felt all the buzz of morning insight.

I have two hours of virgin time. Time when most of the population of the city is asleep. You are alone with yourself.

Wake up early
Wake up early

I really like Pavel Durov’s quotation about focusing: “Only those who will be able to concentrate on one task for a long time will be able to achieve real success.” In this period of life, this is my long way to concentrate on my thoughts and projects, and I want more.

Insights of the week

  • I started walking to work again. Half an hour in the fresh air tune in to the active day.
  • The first half hour you do not need to wake up at work. You are ready to create!

The Third Week

My favorite week. I understand that another seven days and everything will turn out, it remains quite a bit.

Everything went as well as possible. I set up planning in Trello on convenient boards for myself, the calendar began to fill with tasks. The system works for me, I just adjust it to fit my needs.

I wasn’t steaming about sleep, because I realized that I was being cut down at the right time, especially the iPhone constantly reminds me of the “sleep mode”. There was only one problem.

Wake up early
Wake up early

By Friday, you still feel zero activity in the first half of the day. Looking ahead: I could not cope with this dilemma. There was a little stress – he put out his musical rehearsals with the guys in the evening, but something else was needed!

By the end of the week it became clear that in the morning time it was more productive for me to learn than to work.

Insights of the week

  • Focus on learning in the morning.
  • Improve the perfect day’s system.
  • Search for ideas to relieve stress.

The Fourth Week

The long-awaited 5:00 on the clock. Everything worked out! There is one thought in my head: there are three more hours.

During a week it became clear, the rise at 5:00 is what I need for this period of life. Why not earlier? Everything comes up against the schedule, I often linger over my daily activities. Because of this, I sleep less, and the body needs rest. In this embodiment, you need to go to bed at 22:00 to pour out a comfortable seven hours, which is not always possible.

Wake up early
Wake up early

How to relieve stress by meditation

Before the week begins I studied meditation: I wanted to try to relieve stress, but something always stopped me. You know that’s not a “real man business”, you know. In one of the podcasts, which I listened on the weekend, they told about the “Insight Timer” app. It contains video tutorials, meditation sound and a user community.

Wake up early
Wake up early

I took a weekly trial course, which I successfully completed, and you know now I can tell you: This stimulates your mind perfectly and helps to tune up for the day! Of course, a week is not enough for big conclusions, however I will test the application further!

Insights of the week

  • Five in the morning is a great time if you need three hours to work (study). I’ll probably stop at this time.
  • Meditation adjusts to a productive day.
Stretch and say "Meow!"
Stretch and say “Meow!”

To resume:

This lifestyle is not suitable for everyone, it is purely individual, but it’s worth a try.

To change the concept of sleep in a month for a person who, in eight out of ten cases falls in two nights is an achievement. This is a new stone of power that has awakened in my head. If you want to prepare for a sleepy trip, I advise Matthew Walker’s book “Why We Sleep”. It details the sleep phases and life hacks.

Wake up early
Wake up early

It is always worth trying something new.

The path traveled is a reward
Steve Jobs

For many of us it’s normal to get up at five in the morning. Believe me, for me it is small, but a victory. During this month I experienced a lot, and it happened while others were sleeping in their beds, wrapped in a blanket.

I would be glad to communicate. For all questions: Instagram, VK, Facebook.

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Two hours of virgin time
Insights into the early morning hours
Opportunity to meditate and not to rush
Victory over yourself
Self-esteem boost, I'm mighty!
During this month I experienced a lot, and it happened while others were sleeping.
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