Half a year ago I published an article “How to get up at 5 in the morning and not to die”, which was amidst the tops for the last year in the section of “personal experience”. This was my first big article, after which I began to deliberately write my opinions on personal pages. Since than there had been plenty of haters on that page.

Browsing the comments to my article.
Browsing the comments to my article.

Opinions diverged greatly. The Russian community knows how to make you a dull. Just start to discuss everything that goes beyond the ordinary life. However, many people supported the idea and wrote thanks for the clear checklist of my experience. It became clear that the topic is relevant for our ultra-fast life speed, when there is no time even for the simplest personal every day routines.

I am an UX / UI designer. One of my dreams is to create a product that helps people become better and improve themselves every day.

Stage 1. Random idea

Sipping a milkshake with my girlfriends.
Sipping a milkshake with my girlfriends.

There was the end of a usual week. Two of my good friends called me for the dinner. During the meal we chatted about life and, of course, discussed an article about waking up early. We agreed that the early wake up is cool, but soon friends referred to the lack of motivation and discipline to wake up earlier and to have time to do more. In the evening, their strength is running out, and they are wasting time on the daily routine or for nothing.

At that moment I got an idea! To make a “Personal Assistant Trainer”. It may monitor your daily routine, track statistics, displace the climb gradually and surround you with the highly motivated people. And all this in the form of a bot! I immediately liked this idea, it included: helping people, self-development and valuable experience in creating a product.

Stage 2. Site Search

I'm getting ready to figure out the logic.
I’m getting ready to figure out the logic.

After a short pause, I began to ponder the idea in more detail. Express analytics made it clear that there are many similar applications on the market with smart alarms, trackers of good habits and others. Application development costs a huge production and financial effort, so I quickly excluded this way.

There was an option with a bot-assistant in messengers, which would be a unique among the numerous other bots. I needed a platform where you can quickly check the idea for relevance. Telegram in 2019 with an audience of 200 million users appeared to me decent to focus on it. A year ago, I got hooked on Telegram and was sure that this is the very platform for creating the first product.

Stage 3. The team of superheroes

Led the guys to discuss the idea
Led the guys to discuss the idea

First of all, I needed a generator of the ideas similar to who I am. The idea was not simple, but hart to brainstorm with only myself. Without hesitation, I met with my colleague designer who fell in love with this idea. He immediately began to offer several new features for the bot.

Thus, there were already two of us. It remains to find a person who can implement all this into the code. How wonderful it is once to used to hang around with people who in the future will become friends of yours. After several minutes on Skype I discovered the gurus for creating bots in St. Petersburg, and we began the game.

Stage 4. Creation of logics

Before creating the bot, we understood that we needed to know everything about the night sleep and productivity. Therefore, the part of time was spent studying the necessary materials. Books like: “Why Are We Sleeping” or “The Magic of the Morning” have become the skeleton for building our bot logic.

Part of the scripting screen in Miro
Part of the scripting screen in Miro

We began to write the whole user journey on the online board in Miro. In about 2-3 hours, the MVP of the product with the “liquid” text was ready. Of course, it was so damp that interest in the product began to get a little lost.

We decided to collect new ideas, everything that comes to mind, and discuss together during the current week. So we got a new, yet to be realized, function for the future, which I am proud of: “The Bitch Mod”. She translates the regular text of the bot into obscene. It’s like you wake up at the stand-up at Sobolev’s, who starts to f..k you up.

Stage 5. The process of implementation and coding

To the time the article to be published, each of us worked in the office five days a week from 9 to 18. We also have other personal projects. The time for them should be allocated. So we did not consider quick implementation. However, each task must have a deadline. We adhered to Parkinson’s law when you need to set tight deadlines to force yourself to focus on business and not delay its implementation. Looking ahead, we met all deadlines.

The most difficult thing for me was to convert myself from a designer into a manager who would control all the processes.

We track all the documentation in Notion. Tasks are set on the board, like in Trello. There is a real-time mode and commenting. I use Notion every day.

The main board in Notion
The main board in Notion

The bot was coded in Java. At this stage, I took a minimal part, so I can’t tell more.

Part of the java commands that Bot uses
Part of the java commands that Bot uses

Stage 6. Releasing an Alpha version

We wanted the bot to have the appearance of a real Slavic man who will give you father’s bream in the morning if you forgot to get up in the morning or you are late for somewhere. We supplemented all this with the name “Get up, bl # & t!”, Which associates the rise of a Slavic man. What is there to conceal, I was very blessed out because there were no customers with requirements and restrictions.

2 months after we started up, we tested the MVP working version of the bot on real users.

Even an instagram of 500 (from the bottom ≈200 real) subscribers, which I rarely lead, is not a problem to collect the first applications. I published a story where I told what we are doing and that we need a focus group of up to 20 people for testing. In about half an hour I found these people and gave them links. A chat was created for the expanded feedback, in which the bot offered to join – it was there that we collected all the feedback.

Test Request Collection Example
Test Request Collection Example

Stage 7. “What a shit you slipped me!”. User feedback collection

When we saw the first feedback from users
When we saw the first feedback from users

About 12 days, users tested the bot. We did not even expect how they would mock him. They broke it as they wanted, but we found holes that needed to be urgently patched. For example, according to our concept of “Get up with us, or get out,” we wanted users to get in the habit of getting up at the same time every morning, as this is good for sleeping. But it was very difficult for people to get up every day at the same time, so we added a “Day Off”.

An example of a not very negative feedback
An example of a not very negative feedback

All changes we also fixed in Notion. After 12 days, we thanked all the guys for testing the AI … and scored xxxxth on the bot. I tell everything as it is, honestly and openly.


Everyone had their own affairs and problems. For me, the flowering period of birches began, and I simply did not have enough stamina for this project because of an allergy. The project was frozen for two months.

Stage 8. Startups must live. Project is to be

Creativity in Photoshop for the bot
Creativity in Photoshop for the bot

Interest in the product is very weak. The alpha version made it clear how raw the product is and how much work remains to be done. Unprofessional approach in creating products also played here, we got all this experience for the first time. We felt that the goals that we wanted to set in the bot were not fully implementes. Therefore, we focused on the 3 most important tasks:

  • Fix Broken Cases
  • Remove unnecessary functionality
  • Make and release a minimum working version of the product

Stage 9. The long-awaited release 🎉

Celebrating release
Celebrating release

After some time, we fixed all the bugs and came to the long-awaited release 🎉

Some features of the bot:

  • Wakes up funny morning heavy gifs
  • Sets easy tasks to make it “harder” for you to go back to sleep
  • Records tasks for the day
  • Checks completed tasks in the evening
  • Shows the weather in your city
  • Shifts every week your morning rise time by half an hour
  • The force-majeure function allows you to skip a day due to uncertain circumstances

We launched the bot to the masses and will be happy to develop the project. I hope it helps people find their best morning time to get up and will systematize your tasks.

I will be glad to communicate. For all questions: Instagram, VK, Facebook, my blog in Telegram

Also available in: enEnglish esEspañol (Spanish) ruРусский (Russian)

The bot wakes you up in the morning with the funny gif pictures
Sets easy tasks to make it “harder” for you to go back to sleep
Records tasks for the day
Checks completed tasks in the evening
Shifts every week your morning wake up time by half an hour
The Bot is a good help for the personal growth. We launched the bot to the net and will be happy to improve the project. I hope it helps people to find their best morning time to get up early and meet your needs and deeds.
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