Confidentiality policy

Confidentiality policy

Protection of confidentiality, security of personal and financial information of our clients and web site visitors is a key priority of (further referred to as «the Company»). This policy describes mechanisms and principles of data collection and storage by the Company.
By registering a real account a demo or a partner account , by submitting an application for a regional branch opening, or by using the web site of the Company you agree to conditions of personal information collection and use by the Company, described in the given Confidentiality policy.

Personal Data Collection
The company requires to give personal information at the moment of account opening to be able to perform its services to protect you money and intangibility and to assess your needs and preferences and to form products and services meeting your needs.

You give us the information in following ways: when filling out the account opening form, by sending us electronic messages and answering our letters. Other ways to acquire information include: (1) your use of our web site and (2) your conversations with our workers over the telephone. The given information allows us to form and offer you services that will be of interest to you.

The information we collect without your participation includes Internet-protocol (IP) address, browser type, operational system, internet service provider (ISP), the time and the pages you look through at our web site. We do this using «cookies» (files, which can be sent from a web-server to your computer). «Cookies» help us to know you better, providing technical data, which we can use to simplify your work with our web site, improve navigation and usability.

Use of Personal Information
The Company can use the information provided by you to check your identity and contact information. We can use also use this information to generate the account number and safety password, to maintain your account in working order, to send you information regarding your account.

If you close your account with the Company, the Company does not keep your data.

Partners of the Company
The Company can transfer part of the information to its partners if the given information is needed to perform service demanded by you or to ensure possibility of taking part in offers by our partners. The Company also establishes partnerships, which can include joint marketing agreements with other companies, offering quality products and services that can bring benefits to our clients. To ensure, that given products and services comply with your needs and that they are delivered in an appropriate way the Company can provide some of personal information to its partners, branches and organizations. This allows them to understand better, which offers are most useful and appropriate. The use of your personal information is limited to the objectives, defined by our relations with a partner or a branch. We transfer your personal information only to those affiliated companies, with which we have official agreements of data transfer.

Nonaffiliated Third Parties
The Company shall not sell, license, lease or disclose in any other way you personal information to any third parties for any reason, apart from circumstances listed below.

The Company is entitled to give your personal information to third parties, to regulating bodies or other government authorities, if required by law. We can also disclose you information, if necessary, to credit agencies, as well as for protection of our rights or property.

With the aim to provide better service we can turn to other organizations to perform certain functions, such as account processing, client service, client satisfaction and other activities involving data collection relevant to our business. We can also provide client information from our database to third parties to help us make analysis and identify client’s needs and to inform clients of products and services offers. The use of shared information is strictly limited to the working task that we require and cannot be used for any other purpose. Any third parties with which we share personal information are obliges to protect this information in the way comparable to the one, applied in our Company. Examples of shared information are names, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and information regarding account details.

If you go from the web site of our Company to the web site of any other organization, the Rules of our Confidentiality policy are not applied any longer. We do not bear responsibility for confidentiality policy or content of web sites, which do not belong to the Company and we have no control over execution or protection of data, given by you, or acquired without your notice at such web sites.

Non-Disclose of Private Information Right
You can make a request to the Company not to disclose your non-public personal information to certain third parties. To make your private personal information non-disclosable to non-affiliated third parties, please contact our Company through contacts listed below.

Safety of your Private Information
We use advanced software to ensure safety of the system and procedures. None of the employees or partners has access to your password. Please mind: ultimately, that is you, who is responsible for safety of your login and password. We strongly recommend you not to disclose this information to anyone.

Use of Cookies
We use cookies, to improve the work of our web site. Cookies, used by the company do not contain any personal information, and do not contain information regarding your password or your account.

The Company can disclose statistic information of the web site usage. For this purpose pixel quality (screen resolution) can be used to mark the pages, that you have visited. The information collected in an advertisement campaign with the help of such electronic instruments is not personally identifiable.

For purposes of managing and optimizing the web site the Company can use services of third parties, to track and analyze statistic information, including page requests, form requests and mouse clicks. The third party can use Cookies to track behavior and can set Cookies on behalf of the Company. Such Cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information.

Changes to Confidentiality Policy
In case the Company makes material changes to the given Confidentiality Policy, the new document will be immediately published on its web site. You agree to accept electronic registration of the new Confidentiality policy on the web site as an actual notice.

In case you have any questions, not considered in the given Policy, please contact our client service representative.

By giving us your information, you agree to conditions of the present Policy.

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